Samples from a few of our past weddings and engagements

Oregon Golf Club Wedding
Jannette + Aaron - West Linn, Oregon

Sentinel Hotel Wedding
Patty + Jeremy - Portland, OR

Langdon Farms Wedding
Amber + Dan - Portland, Oregon

Oregon Coast Engagement
Miranda + Jesse - Pacific City, Oregon

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This is How We Roll

How are we different than other Portland wedding photographers? Check it out…

Fast Delivery

You are excited to see your photos and we get it. We deliver everything we shoot in about four weeks and use a digital delivery system to get your photos to you instantly. No waiting. No holding your photos hostage.


Starting about 10 minutes after your wedding all your friends and family will be bugging you for photos from your wedding. We provide tools in your gallery and on our website to make sharing your photos super easy. Others may discourage it, we encourage it!

Two Photographers

There are 13, 576 photographers in Portland (ok, we may have made that number up). Of those, not many are two photographer teams. Even fewer are husband & wife teams. Every wedding and every engagement session we do gets both of us - always. We are a package deal in life and in business.


Many photographers in Portland either don't offer wedding album options or only offer a simple book. We believe strongly in wedding albums. Most of our packages include true heirloom quality albums from the top album companies in the world.



We chant this before every wedding! Ok maybe not quite, but the point is we understand what these moments mean to you. And with two photographers working hard at your wedding not much gets by us. Our goal is to go beyond just capturing the moments at your wedding, your guests with iPhones can do that. We are there to tell a story – your story. When you look through your wedding photographs twenty years from now they should take you back to that day. The emotion, the laughter, the excitement, should all come rushing back. That’s what beautiful photographs can do. We know there are a zillion Portland wedding photographers out there. We hope you look through our work and choose to contact us!